Samajwadi E-Rickshaw Yojna

It is generally seen that cycle rickshaw pullers do much physical labor and their income are much lesser to support their family. It is also observe the most of the cycle rickshaw pullers who crosses the age of 50 are not capable to pull their cycle rickshaw. Under this scheme the rickshaw pullers will be greatly benefited.

Thus in support of environment, humanity and modernizationsthe state government decided to distribute free e-rickshaw to cycle rickshaw pullers all over the state. This scheme is called Samajwadi Rickshaw Yojna. Under this scheme the owners of cycle rickshaw registered in Nagar Nigam has been given free of cost.

We as a third party inspection and monitoring agency for this project have carried several works some of the important works are:

  • Drafting Tender Document for supply of E-rickshaw.
  • Inspecting the organization of successful Bidders.
  • Preparing the quality reports of each e-rickshaw before distribution at the distribution center of various districts.
  • Various other works based on the requirement of State Urban Development Agency.