Scope and Objective

In HR solutions Recruitment function of any human captive based company is a core business function which supports and commits sold and unsold business of an organization thus a profit centre within organization and play a critical role on overall delivery chain of an organization. As organization keeps focus on building business capability and delivery, recruitment and sourcing partner like us should have proven and tested business continuity plan in place to support the business needs of an organization at all kind of market dynamics.

Thus objective of organization like us in partnering with our customer become a role of playing a strong force on over all delivery chain to make our customers stronger on providing skilled qualified resources marketplace and block talents pool for our partner’s committed business growth. Since customer growth vision is organic and high performance, up scaling recruitment process and bandwidth is the key to success and retain consistent growth at customer.

UPICO’s staffing & HR solutions are structured along two segments:

1. Permanent Staffing                                                                           
2. Flexi Staffing