Establishment of BMC Centers in Different Districts of UP

Uttar Pradesh is the largest milk producing state of India contributing 17 % of the total milk production of India. In the year 2010-2011, the total milk production in the state was 21033.3 thousand kg. per day.

So to strengthen the milk production industry Government of UP initiated a project for establishment of Bulk Milk Coolers in different districts of UP and hand over the project to Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation.

Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation has 18 milk unions across the state. The primary objective of the PCDF is to develop facility for cold chain maintenance and complete solutions for quick, transparent and integrated system in procurement, data transfer and payment to milk producers, including control of the losses during transportation of milk, across the Milk Unions of U.P. to win over confidence of milk producers. The project is to be performed on Turn Key basis.

We as a Third Party Turn Key Procurement Consultant for the Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Installation of Bulk Milk Coolers(BMC) with solar based Data Processing Milk Collection Unit(DPMCU)

which includes following scope of works:

  • Tender Documentation
  • Evaluation Of Bids
  • Monitoring the process of supply and installation
  • Third party Audit and Submission of report(District wise)
  • Maintenance and Operational report