“To become a catalyst in facilitating emergence of competent first generation entrepreneurs and transition of existing SMEs into growth-oriented enterprises through entrepreneurship education, training, research & institution building”

Leadership Development Training

Succession Planning and Learning and Development interventions are gaining more significance and employers are increasingly looking for ways to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the challenging markets that they exist in. Every organization that wants to be successful needs effective leaders. But for businesses facing significant strategic challenges, leaders must be able to drive change collectively, throughout the organization. UPICO assist organizations in creating and sustaining a better-trained and high quality workforce who in turn will enhance productivity. We assist employers in making effective hiring decisions, help educators and trainers evolve robust training modules with innovative methodologies and ensure that employees are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge.


UPICO pioneered the use of assessments and feedback in leadership development. Employers, in the manufacturing and services sectors alike, are making educated choices with the application of scientific tools to fit people into roles best suited for them. We offer customised tests that help organisations to assess strengths of an individual, predict behavioural patterns while working in a role and a team. These tests also help in determining development plans for a person and plan various HR interventions for a team and your organization.