BUDA (Bihar Urban Development Authority)

UPICOhas signed agreement with INTECCO, BUDA with an endeavor to Increase the capacity & capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit with a view to meet burgeoning market demand for skilled manpower in state of Bihar.

  • UPICO have set up centers in various districts of Bihar for skills training and getting them employed in the industry.
  • UPICO is jointly working with BUDA to fulfill Bihar’s dream in carrying out skills training and achieve some critical objectives for the youth population. Few of them are as listed below
  • Increase employability of the youth and empower them to take part in the economic growth of Bihar and India, through chalking out a roadmap of providing professional and skill training in modern and market driven professions at reasonable cost and monitoring its delivery, and thereby reduce unemployment, poverty and socio-economic inequality.
  • To monitor the quality of training imparted to produce targeted number of high quality skilled personnel across various strata of youth and workers, especially from amongst the disadvantaged sections.
  • To prepare roadmap to provide skill development training to the Students passing out from primary elementary/high/Intermediate schools, School drop-outs, Unemployed youth and Informal sector workers.
  • To map demand for skill sets in the market and formulate programs to meet such demand through high quality skill training.
  • Develop self-employment and entrepreneurial skills for youths of Bihar.
  • UPICO has successfully trained more than 500 students inSasaram, jehanabad ,Bihar Sharif, Sheikhpura,Nawada, Bhabua and Chapra Districts.