The Management of the company is in the hands of well constituted Board of Directors of the Company headed by the Chairman & Managing Director who is appointed by Industrial Development Bank of India Limited. Presently there are members in the Board consisting of IAS officers, top officers of nationalized Bankers and Financial Institution.

All the Important managerial, administrative and financial decisions are taken after the prior approval of Board of Directors. The Board takes reporting in every aspect of Board of management including quarterly results of Accounts minimum once in every quarter. The day to day affairs of the company are managed and administered by Chairman & Managing Director and General Manager through Delegation of powers from the Board.

Presently following are the members of Board of Director of the Company:

Mr. Pravin Singh

(Managing Director)


Mr. Uma Shankar Lal

(Chief General Manager, SIDBI)

Mr. Rajat Dhinga (AGM, IFCI)

(Assistant General Manager & Regional Head, Lucknow)

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

(Deputy General Manager, Allahabad Bank)

Mr. V.K. Shukla

(Chief General Manager, Canara Bank)

Mr Rakesh Shukla

(General Manager, Punjab National Bank)