Bhadohi Carpet Exposition Mart

When it comes to exclusive hand-knotted woolen carpets, ‘Made in Bhadohi’ is the final word in quality carpets the world over. Most Indians, however, would not be able to point the district out on a map, which is ironic. With Bhadohi’s annual carpet exports exceeding Rs 1,800 crore — 65 per cent of the country’s carpet exports — you’d imagine Bhadohi would be a household name. But, ignominy is not the cause of Bhadohi’s ire. “There are no carpet showrooms here. The infrastructure is poor… roads, electricity, civic amenities, everything is in a bad shape here. Basically the quality of life is very poor in Bhadohi. It’s not surprising then, that foreign buyers avoid coming down to Bhadohi.

All other carpet manufacturing areas in India specialize in a particular variety of carpets, but in Bhadohi, all varieties are manufactured — be they Jaipuri, Indo-Nepali, tufted, hand-knotted, etc.

In view of export enhancement of the carpet sector, Government of UP has established centralized Bhadohi Carpet Expo Mart for improving the vast potential of exporting Bhadohi Carpets. It is India’s one of the state of the art project for carpet sector wherein International Marketing has been conceptualized

Government of UP has constructed the said Exhibition Centre in Bhadohi so that the manufacturers and exporters of the town could display their products before the carpet buyers. The Exhibition Mart would also become the permanent venue of the India Carpet Expo

In this context, M/s U.P. INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED (UPICO) has been engaged by the Industries Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh, for providing Consultancy Services for preparing ‘Operational Model for Bhadohi Carpet Expo Mart’

The main purpose of the consultancy service is to prepare the operational model for Carpet Exhibition Centre established by Government of UP at Bhadohi. The scope of work is as follows,

  • Situational analysis of existing infrastructure and development of backward –forward linkages & synergy with available local resources.
  • Selection of business model for sustained, self-funded maintenance of the facility and optimal use of Bhadohi Carpet Expo Mart.
  • Functional requirement of facilities and services office space, equipment, hospitality, transportation and parking etcs.
  • Preparation of revenue model & monitoring system